My Brief OkCupid Affair With a World Champion Magic: The Gathering

This story sounds mean. It's about a girl judging a boy because he's a nerd (like so many of us!) that she met on OkCupid. But that's the point: Judging people on shallow stuff is human nature, and the magic and absurdity of online dating is how immediately and directly it throws that into relief. One person's Magic is … » 8/29/11 3:30pm 8/29/11 3:30pm

Miramax Launches Biggest Facebook Movie App Yet

Miramax just released an app named Miramax eXperience that will allow U.S. users to rent up to 20 different movies through Facebook. You'll be able to watch films like No Country for Old Men and Pulp Fiction for $3 each through Facebook or Google TV, or on your iPad's browser. Pretty cool, considering the former costs… » 8/22/11 12:25pm 8/22/11 12:25pm

Kanex's C247DL DVI Hooks Your Computer Up to Apple's Crisp, Clear Cinema …

There's nothing like a good DVI to better your watching/gaming/skyping experience. And Kanex's new dual-link DVI will hook you up with resolutions of up to 2560x1600 on a 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display. That is, as long as you've got a PC or Mac with a good graphics card. Plus, you can transfer sound via USB to the… » 8/16/11 2:02pm 8/16/11 2:02pm

Why Would Someone Spend $3,000 On 100 Phone Numbers?

Phone numbers are intangible, frivolous things. No one in their right mind would collect them, right? Wrong. Meet Dennis Mykytyn, the man who purchased 100 coveted phone numbers with 212 area codes for $30 a pop in 2007. Yes, this guy spent $3,000 on phone numbers. » 8/12/11 11:00pm 8/12/11 11:00pm

MIT Creates Sun-free Photovoltaic Power, Hammers Another Nail Into…

Oh MIT, we can always count on you to come up with the most clever, little inventions. Just the other day you created goo-powered batteries to replace lithium-ion and now you've gone and found a way to make photovoltaic electricity without sunlight! » 7/29/11 11:30pm 7/29/11 11:30pm